In MarkAction you launch a new product every simulation year and you make the marketing for two additional years. Due to technological developments in the industry, the life cycle of a video game is limited to three years: the introduction and growth in year 1, maturity in year 2 and decline in year 3.

The video game industry is well suited to a marketing simulation. In this sector, one must constantly innovate and introduce new products to maintain consumer interest. Even after the failure of a product, a company can recover the following year with a "blockbuster".

In MarkAction, your first challenge is to launch a new product every year. Your analysis of competitors, customers and territories is essential to your success.

Your second challenge is to manage the marketing campaign for existing products (after three years, a product is automatically removed from the market). Remember that customers are first attracted by new products. In addition, you can not change certain characteristics of a product after its launch.

To meet these challenges, you need to understand the video game industry and work effectively within the team responsible for marketing. Your success will be proportional to your efforts !