Each Praxem simulation is closely associated with the content of a college course. Learning objectives are translated into decisions that have a direct impact on the financial success of a virtual company.

Praxem simulations are accessed through a fully automated web platform. This greatly simplifies the administrative tasks of the instructor. Control of the exercise and interaction with students are easily performed with a few clicks. We offer an intuitive Work plan consisting of three sections :

Before the simulation

Instructors must plan the activity. At a minimum, this means scheduling decision times so that end-of-period calculations take place automatically. Praxem proposes PowerPoint presentations to introduce their simulations to students.

During the simulation

Administrative tasks are fully automated. Instructors only handle exceptions, such as increasing or decreasing demand. Summary reports make it easy to compare the performance of individual teams. For use in class, Praxem proposes a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the main events of each period.

After the simulation

The «Plenary Session» is the most significant event of a simulation because participants have an opportunity to share their experiences. Praxem proposes a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation highlighting the main event of the exercise.

Our simulation platform offers several automated tools to facilitate student evaluation: questionnaire, logbook, site metric, web traffic analysis, team participation questionnaire and company performance.